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41783 days
Online time of all user / Total
287 days
Online time of all user / month
76 days
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Current statistics

Server status Online
Clients (Online / Max) 5 / 128
Amount of channels 222
Average server ping 15 ms
Total bytes received 509.62 GiB
Total bytes sent 463.30 GiB
Server uptime 00 Days, 00 Hours, 00 Mins, 00 Secs
Average packet loss 0.01 %

Overall statistics

Server name [CZ/SK] Ratíškovice # Ludmila (private)
Server address (Host Address : Port)
Server password No (Server is public)
Server ID 1
Server platform Linux
Server version 3.13.6
Server creation date (dd/mm/yyyy) TeamSpeak has failed, so no creation date...
Report to server list Activated